Monday, May 7, 2012

Memorable Monday.

Summer's finally here! Maybe the rest of you have been enjoying warm weather since March, but us Portlanders have been waiting patiently in the rain. I took two walks this afternoon and did absolutely no studying! Overall, I'd say the day was a success.

The first walk took me down to my PO box and I was pleasantly surprised! After receiving no mail last week, I figured that nobody wanted to write to me...or that the mailmen were eating my letters.

That one on top is a postcard from Acadia National Park, where that pen pal just proposed to his girlfriend! I felt pretty special to receive it, and who's cutting onions in here? 

This was my favorite envelope of the day:


A couple of hours and a hand-cramp later, you'd think I'd never want to write again but I'm already ready for round two. It's a really unique feeling to be a piece of a stranger's life through letters  -- much more personal and thoughtful than through e-mail. It means so much more. Whether it's just a "hello" or a nine-page letter (you know who you are!), it makes me feel connected and part of something bigger. 

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