Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm happy to finally have a chance to post! I spent the weekend in Seattle and was pleasantly greeted by a full mailbox when I returned.

The cute hummingbird sticker on the red envelope made me happy as I'd just snapped a photo of a hummingbird in my neighbor's feeder that morning.

Nathan drew me a cute Little Sister from Bioshock when I told him about my Halloween costume last year.

As usual, Melissa had made the most creative stationary out of old maps and calendars. She also pasted on tiny envelopes with great little cards inside. 

A couple outgoing letters:

Due to all that good inspiration (and also a couple glasses of Scotch) I decided to embark on a crafty journey late last night! I walked to the store for glue-sticks and ended up with a deck of cards for some reason. I attempted to incorporate them in with some old maps from an atlas, other stationary I had lying around and an old Child Psychology textbook. I think it was a success! 

The big move is in two weeks and things should be smooth sailing thereafter. I'll post again soon!